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Our Zodiac Temporary Tattoos instantly give you a fresh new desirable look. What do you want to be a spy, temptress, baddie, new age healer, you choose. Today tattoos are slick, sexy and very cool. Zodiac Temporary Tattoos are the perfect way to test a tattoos size color and style or change your tattoo to fit your mood. What’s more they’re non-toxic using environmentally friendly inks & glue and are really easy to use.

How To Apply Your Zodiac Temporary Tattoo Transfers:
1. The skin must be clean and dry before application.
2. If you have multiple designs on one sheet, cut your design from the sheet, ready to use.
3. Remove the transparent film from the front of the Temporary Tattoo Transfer.
4. Place the Temporary Tattoo Transfer face down onto your skin.
5. Wet and rub the Temporary Tattoo Transfer with a damp sponge or cloth while in place.
6. Gently and slowly, pull back the corner of the Temporary Tattoo Transfer to check if it has transferred to your arm. If not, press and wet over again until it transfers.

How To Remove Your Zodiac Temporary Tattoo Transfers:
You can easily remove Temporary Tattoo Transfers with cold cream, baby oil or rubbing alcohol; whichever is more suitable for your skin. These transfers are only temporary and will rub off over time anyway.

Occasionally an allergy may appear but this is rare. Do not use if you have sensitive skin or any known skin allergies.